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IFSC Club Membership

2021 IFSC Membership Numbers

Full list of 2021 IFSC Membership Numbers:   CLICK HERE

2021/2022 Membership

2021/2022Club Membership

1 April 2021 to 31 March 2022

Membership Information

Once you have completed your membership form and paid online the IFSC will contact you to complete and confirm your membership. 

Membership types are as follows:

Aussie Skate Level Member (Sub Junior) $50

(includes parent/guardian) 

Junior Membership $65

(Skater under 18 years & passed ISA Preliminary test)

(Includes Parent/Guardian)

Senior Membership $65

(Skater 18 years & over & passed ISA Preliminary test)

Ordinary Member $20

(NON Skating Adult Member, not attached to a skater)

Before completing the membership form please ensure

that you have read:

IFSC Clubs Rules - click here

IFSC Membership Terms and Conditions - click here

IFSC Member Volunteer Hours Program - click here

NB For skaters to be eligible for additional benefits from IFSC,

the IFSC must be listed as your HOME club for the season.

Once you proceed to complete the form below it is deemed that you have read, understand and accepted all terms and conditions of the IFSC club: club rules, membership terms and conditions and volunteer hours program and agree to list the IFSC as your

home club.

Online Membership NOW OPEN

1 APRIL 2021 TO 31 MARCH 2022

To become a member of the IFSC

click here to join