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2012 IFSC Club Championships

IFSC Club Championships

24th August 2012

Iceworld Acacia Ridge

Congratulations to all Skaters that competed in the 2012 Club Championships

IFSC Club Championship Results 2012 - click here


Aussie Skate - Novice 1

1st Place - Shesscintle Burton

Aussie Skate - Intermediate 2

1st Place - Gypsy Burton

2nd Place - Keira O'Connell

Aussie Skate - FreeSkate 1

1st Place - Emma Kiel-Chisolm

2nd Place - Richelle Hodson

Aussie Skate - FreeSkate 2

1st Place - Riley Muscat

2nd Place - John Kelly

Aussie Skate - FreeSkate 3

1st Place - 3Courtenay Gray

Preliminary Ladies

1st Place - Gabby Kershaw

2nd Place - Tea l Mckee

Elementary Ladies

1st place - SivornMcKewen

Pre-Primary Ladies

1st Place - Isabelle McKewen

2nd Place - Hannah Peterken

Primary Men

1st Place - Adam Peterken

Primary Ladies

1st Place - Grace Caley

2nd Place - Lucy Yun

Novice Mens

1st Place - CharltonDoherty

Novice Ladies

1st Place - Yancey Chan

2nd Place - Alanna Day-Tutia

3rd Place Marga Midorikawa

Junior Ladies

1st Place - Jenny Lu

Senior Mens

1st Place - Lochran Doherty

Senior Ladies

1st Place - TaylorDean

Congratulations also to our special award winners as voted by the members.

Yancey Chan - The Presidents Awards

Adam Peterken - Voted Best Music

Lucy Yun - Voted Best Costume

Lochran Doherty - Voted Most Spectacular Fall

Grace Caley - Voted Best Starting Position

Yancey Chan - Best Spin

Charlton Doherty - Voted Best Jump

Riley Muscat - Voted Most Promising Aussie Skater 2012